What workout gear can the ECHO app connect to?

Any workout equipment that supports connecting a Bluetooth heart rate monitor will work with ECHO. We've confirmed connections with each of the following: - Peloton Bike, Tread and Tread+ - Peloton Digital App on iPad - Wahoo Fitness on iPad - Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT - Echelon Fit on iPad - iFit: At Home Fitness Workou‪t App on iPad - NordicTrack C88 and S22i If you use ECHO with another app or piece of equipment, we'd love to hear at

Is my iPhone required to use the ECHO app?

Yes. The ECHO app uses your iPhone to broadcast the heart rate from your Apple Watch to the workout gear you are connected to. Your iPhone must be near by both your Apple Watch and the gear you are connecting to for the ECHO app to work properly.

How can I connect to the Peloton Digital app?

Instructions on connecting can be found at this Peloton support page. PLEASE NOTE: The Echo app uses your iPhone to broadcast heart rate from your Apple Watch to your workout equipment. Therefore, the Peloton Digital app must be accessed from a separate device (i.e. iPad, Mac, TV or a different iPhone).

Can I run the ECHO app and another Apple Watch app at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. Apple only allows a single workout app to be running on the Apple Watch at a time. The ECHO app is considered a workout app and can not be run simulatenously with any other workout app.

How do I connect to my Peloton bike?

Please refer to this Peloton support page for instructions on connecting a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. TROUBLE CONNECTING? FOLLOW THESE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Open Settings > Device Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Click the gear icon on “ECHO: …"
  3. Click “FORGET”
  4. Reboot the Peloton
  5. (hold power button, select 'Shut Down', wait 10 seconds and press the power button again)
  6. Open Settings > Heart Rate Monitor and click connect on ECHO
  7. IMPORTANT: Press 'CANCEL' on the Peloton “pairing” popup
CLEAR PELOTON CACHE (use only if above fails to work)
  1. Power off your touchscreen
  2. Once the touchscreen is powered off, hold the Volume Up button and the power button until the Peloton logo appears, at that point you can let go. This will start your touchscreen in Recovery Mode.
  3. Use the volume buttons to navigate to “wipe cache partition” and use the power button to select it.
  4. Once the partition has been cleared, select “reboot system now.”
*Clearing the cache won’t affect your Peloton profile. STILL HAVING TROUBLE? Reach out to us at

Can I connect ECHO to the Echelon App?

To connect to the Echelon App, inside the ride, touch the Heart Icon.

Do not connect in the Bluetooth setting area of your phone or tablet.

PLEASE NOTE: ECHO must be running on a separate device from the Echelon App (i.e. iPad, Mac, TV or a different iPhone). Having Trouble? Here's a link to an Echelon help page.

Can I connect ECHO on the same phone as I'm running another workout app on?

Unfortunately, no. ECHO uses your iPhone to broadcast the heart rate from your Apple Watch to the workout gear you are connected to, so we suggest using another device (i.e. iPad, Mac, TV or a different iPhone) to stream your workout.

Does ECHO work with a Garmin Edge bike computer?

Not currently. While the Garmin Edge computers should allow the connecting of any Bluetooth heart rate monitor, users report that this does not work with the Garmin. We are working on this problem and will update this page when we ultimately solve the issue. In the meantime, users can consider the Watch Link as a good alternative for connecting your Apple Watch to your Garmin Edge bike computer.

Does ECHO connect to the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT?

Yes! If BPM field is missing from the ELEMENT dashboard but ECHO is paired as a sensor, you must “forget” the sensor and re-add it to in order to add the BPM field.

Does ECHO connect to a NordicTrack S22i bike?

Yes! This requires you to enter into privileged mode on your NordicTrack to add a Bluetooth device. Once added, your ECHO will deliver heart rate from your Apple Watch to your rides on your bike. Click here for a good reference video for setting up the Bluetooth device on the iFit software.

Does ECHO connect to iFit on a an iPad?

Yes! You need to add the Bluetooth device in the Settings of you iPad. Once added, your iFit software should pick up your heart rate automatically.

What? No watch complication? Why not?

One important limitation with ECHO is that your phone must do the Bluetooth broadcasting for the watch. This means that the phone must be running in order for ECHO to work correctly. Adding a watch complication would allow users to quickly launch ECHO on the watch, but there is no reliable way to start a phone app from the watch. So, having a complication for ECHO on the watch would give users the incorrect perception that you can launch and run the app from your watch, which is not the case for the reason stated above. In fact, the watch is automatically started by the ECHO phone app so users do not ever need to start the watch app at all! This is the reason that we do not have a watch complication for ECHO.

How do I connect to a NordicTrack Fusion CST machine?

In order to connect your heart rate strap to your machine, please follow the steps below. First, you'll need to start the Echo app on your phone with your Apple watch near by. 1) Press the Bluetooth Smart button on your console. The console pairing number will appear on the display. 2) When a connection is established, the LED on the console will flash red twice, indicating you're connected. NOTE: If there is more than one compatible heart rate monitor near the console, the console will connect to the device with the strongest signal. To disconnect your heart rate strap, press and hold the Bluetooth Smart button on your console until the LED on the console turns solid green. NOTE: All Bluetooth connections between your console and other devices (including any tablets, other heart rate monitors, and so forth) will be disconnected.

How to connect to a Concept-2 PM5 (Rower, Bike or Skier)?

Start Echo on your phone and follow the set up instructions. Once at the 'Waiting to Connect' stage, go through the normal steps to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to your PM5 computer. Here's a link with instructions:

Can I run ErgData AND Echo on Concept-2 PM5 at the same time?

Short answer here is no. The phone can not simultaneously act as a central (receiving data) and a peripheral (sending heart rate) at the same time without getting confused.

We are working with Apple to see if they will fix this issue but no telling if they care enough about it to fix it.

You can use a Watch Link pod for the heart rate which bypasses the phone altogether. This would give you the ability to connect to the roam with your phone while your watch is sending hr through the pod.