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Peloton Bug

This page is used to update the Echo community with any known problems or interruptions that might be affecting our users. 

If you are experiencing problems, please check the 'User Alerts' section below. If you are experiencing the problem listed on this page, please check back here for the latest update. 

For any other problems, please reach out to us at


User Alerts



6/18/21 2:54 PM PDT

Per our previous post, we are recommending Peloton users experiencing connectivity issues with Echo to consider a Watch Link as an alternative. Several users have asked why this solution won't run into the same problem that Echo did with future Peloton software updates. This is a great question! The Watch Link pod broadcasts over ANT+ instead of Bluetooth. The ANT+ receiver is built into the Android tablet that the Peloton software runs on and therefore is not subject software updates from Peloton. As long as Peloton continues to support connecting their ANT+ heart rate monitor to the Peloton, the Watch Link pod will work. 

6/15/21 10:12 AM PDT

Peloton has not indicated they will be making any changes to their bluetooth configuration any time soon. We suggest switching to an ANT+ device like Watch Link to connect your watch's heart rate to the OG Pelo bike instead. If interested, please email us at for a special ECHO user discount code. 

6/11/21 3:12 PM PDT
We continue to struggle with the Peloton bug that is affecting some users. We have failed to identify a repeatable way to fix the problem for all users. About 30% of our Peloton bike users seem to be struggling with connection issues. While we are hopeful that Peloton will release an update to address this problem, we have no indication that they will nor do we have any clear timeline on a fix. 

If you are experiencing this problem, you can request a refund through Apple at this link

Peloton users may want to checkout Watch Link which provides a very stable and reliable way to connect to the Peloton over ANT+. ​

We apologize for the problem and will continue to search for a solution. 

6/7/21 4:32 PM PDT

Still waiting on Peloton to get back to us on when they will be providing a fix. If you haven't already, please help us draw their attention to this problem by sending an email to Thank you!

6/2/21 11;13 PM PDT

For those that submitted Peloton support requests, thank you! We are still waiting for confirmation from Peloton that they will be providing a fix to the problem. 

5/28/21 4:36 PM PDT

Thanks for your patience regarding the ability to reliably connect to the original Peloton bike. 

We have confirmed that the change in the ability to reliably connect was caused by the most recent Peloton update. 😔 Users can confirm this for themselves by uninstalling the recent update by following these steps:

1. Click on the time in the top right corner
2. Go to Device Settings -> Apps -> Peloton
3. Click on Force Stop
4. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
5. Select Uninstall Updates
6. Click on OK
7. Click on Peloton Logo/Home

A download should then happen and will ask you to log in to your Wifi network and account. 
Once this is complete, you can run the latest version of Echo which should work as expected. 

Note that any reboot of your Peloton will revert back to the most recent update which, once again, is likely to break Echo. 

We are trying to get Peloton's attention to fix this problem which is where you can help. If everyone that has experienced this problem send an email to and let them know the following. 

1) You use (and love) the Echo app for getting heart rate to the Peloton from your Apple watch
2) This worked perfectly for you prior to the latest update. 
3) You confirmed it was the Peloton update that broke the experience by reverting to the older version
4) Ask that they please find and fix whatever it is they changed that caused the problem. 

We will continue to work to find a solution and will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you!

5/28/21 2:40 PM PDT

We've had some initial success rolling back to the previous Peloton update and are testing this with some users experiencing this problem. If we are able to confirm that rolling back fixes the problem, this will give us solid information to share with Peloton support to hopefully find and fix what broke the app. Once confirmed, we will share the process for rolling back for those users wanting this fix as an interim to a more universal fix. 

5/27/21 8:49 AM PDT

Continue to work to resolve the remaining problems with the Peloton OG bike.


5/26/21 6:53 AM PDT

Some Peloton users on the original bike continue to experience the connection problem described below. The problem has not been reported on the bike+ or the treads. We are continuing to debug this problem and find a fix for all users. 


5/24/21 5:42 PM PDT

Several Peloton users are reporting problems staying connecting to their Peloton bike. We believe the problem was introduced by a change in how Bluetooth is handled by Apple and/or Peloton which both did recent updates. This problem was first seen in Echo version 3.1.3.

We have released an update, 3.1.5, that attempted to fix the problem. Many users report his update fixed the problem for them while others continue to experience the same problem on this release. 

We know how frustrating it can be to experience a problem like this one and will continue to work diligently to find and fix the problem. 

Several users suggested we revert back to version 3.1.3 which was the last known stable version. Unfortunately, the change causing this instability was not in Echo but on the Peloton and/or the Apple iOS update. We sent the 3.1.3 back out to several users to test and verified that it indeed exhibits the same problem. 

For now, the latest update is 3.1.6. If this build is not working for you, please check back here for updates. 


Thank you for your patience!

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